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Precision Granite - Testing and Service

Precision Granite can measure and service all types and sizes of granite surface plates.

Precision Granite - Onsite Granite Surface Plate Testing

Darren Smith working onsite, measuring a granite surface plate

Granite Surface Plates

Both flatness and repeat measurements are critical to ensure a precision surface.
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Welcome to Precision Granite

Welcome to Precision Granite

Welcome to Precision Granite!
Leveling a granite surface plateFor over thiry years father and son Gerald and Darren Smtih have been providing re-surfacing and certification of precision granite surface plates over our primary service area in the South Eastern United States.

Being a small company we are able to offer flexibility in scheduling. We take pride in our efficiency, promptness, and quality and provide the same level of service to all of our clients: from some of the largest manufacturers to small, private shops. At Precision Granite, we pride ourselves in being a company that will go to any means to ensure we maintain a long-term relationship with all of our customers. We have provided granite surface plate calibration for companies of all sizes for over thirty years – let us bring our wealth of experience and knowledge to your next surface plate project! With accreditation through A2LA / American Association for Laboratory Accreditation we can meet the challenging demands of ISO and QS audits.

Surface Plate Calibration
Surface plate calibration is the only sure way to know that you are working with a level surface and can expect accurate workmanship when the surface plate is in use. Surface plates wear over time and must be properly maintained to ensure flatness and continued precision measurement.

Complete Calibration by Precision Granite
We provide complete granite surface plate calibration for plates on site throughout TN, GA, AL, KY, AR, SC, NC, and MS.

When needed, lapping or resurfacing is provided to bring measurements within grade guidelines. This procedure involves polishing the surface with an abrasive paste to remove all unwanted material. Our professionals have the ability to resurface to any grade needed by your quality system.

Calibration services performed by Precision Grantie are A2LA accredited and the equipment used by our technicians has a NIST-traceable calibration. You’ll receive a Calibration Certificate showing:

  • Detailed results
  • Grade requirements
  • Any work completed to restore flatness
  • “As found” and “as left” conditions

Measurement during granite surface plate calibration includes checking for wear and deviation from the grade requirements. In many cases, proper resurfacing can bring the surface of the plate back within flatness tolerances. Flatness tolerances for standard grade surface plates AA, A and B are defined in federal specification GGG-P-463c.

Are current certificates are also available online – click here.

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